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Starting and Managing a Kumon Franchise with Sola Arowolo

February 16, 2022 Episode 33
BAM Podcast
Starting and Managing a Kumon Franchise with Sola Arowolo
Show Notes

Episode 33: The guest featured in this episode is Sola Arowolo, an entrepreneur, owner of a Kumon Franchise and an Instructor. Kumon is a structured, proven self-learning Math and reading program which gives children critical thinking skills.

The session entails Sola sharing the following,

-          Her origin and educational background

-          How her love for Math and passion for teaching children became the foundation of her entrepreneurial journey

-          The initial believe that entrepreneurship was not for her

-          Her discovery of Kumon Franchise and how it aligns with her passion

-          Factors that contributed to successfully starting a Kumon franchise business

-          Adapting to being a business owner and lessons learned 

-          Managing a new business during the pandemic

-          Steps taken to scale in business

-          Advise for unsure and budding entrepreneurs

Sola’s Details

Learn about Kumon-

Instagram- @kumon_indianapolis_n.keystone

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