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Human Rights Lawyer, Adeola Oyinlade making International Impact.

March 30, 2022 Episode 35
BAM Podcast
Human Rights Lawyer, Adeola Oyinlade making International Impact.
Show Notes

Episode 35: The guest featured in this Episode is a human rights and international law expert and United Nations Peace Ambassador. He is the Principal Partner of Adeola Oyinlade & Co; a fully serviced law firm based in Lagos and founder of Constitutional Rights Awareness and Liberty Initiative (CRALI); an organization with renowned commitment dated back to year 2012, harnessing and bringing the benefits of human rights simplification, probono legal services to the people in Nigeria.

Mr. Oyinlade uses his legal expertise and technological skills as tools of social engineering and problem-solving in Nigeria and the continent of Africa.

Mr. Adeola has received awards as the 2018 Human Rights Law Expert of the Year Laureat by the International Bar Association and in 2021 by the American Bar association.

Mr. Oyinlade in this episode shares,

About his early life and education

What led you him the field of Law and Why Human Rights Law

The discouragements he encountered while pursing a human rights career?

What motivated him to start his own law firm.

What contributed to him International recognitions

His daily motivation and the satisfaction he derives from being a human rights lawyer 

Advise for someone who considering studying law

What a lawyer who hopes to open their law firm should consider before opening.

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