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Balancing the Art and Business of Writing: Adeola Fadumiye's Story.

April 21, 2021 Episode 25
BAM Podcast
Balancing the Art and Business of Writing: Adeola Fadumiye's Story.
Show Notes

BAM features Adeola Fadumiye's story in this 25th episode of BAM Podcast.  Adeola is the Founder and CEO of Crys & Tiana, a podcast production and management company. She helps coaches, strategists, and lifestyle brands launch, manage and grow their podcasts. She also moonlights as a writer and editor. She writes at the intersection of faith, feminism, and entrepreneurship, and edits multicultural and Christian fiction. Her work has appeared in Radiant Health, Big Cartel and mater mea.  
Adeola earned her Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication from Winona State University, and her Master in Public Health from George Washington University. She is a StartingBloc Fellow and alumni of the THREAD at Yale: Storytelling in Modern Media program. She lives in the Washington DC metro area.

 Adeola went down memory lane  to share her journey as a writer, as highlighted below;
1. How her father's love for books sparked her interest in reading and writing.
2. How she wrote her first book at 8 years old
3. How her experience in the corporate world led to discovering her purpose as a writer
4. How starting out with a passion for writing alone  reflected in financial returns
5. How investing in learning the business of writing  improved her brand
6. How she is evolving as a story-teller through various mediums
7. How as a podcast producer, Adeola helps people tell stories through podcasting,
8. How her journey is leading toward her ultimate goal of becoming a film-producer
9. Adeola finally offered success tips to budding and experienced writers.

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